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Spirits of The Ott Hotel

Spirits of The Ott Hotel

Monday, January 02, 2017


Toni Deer


    11 Nov, 2016
    While vacationing in Savannah, GA recently I was able to take in a few graveyards.  Unfortunately, Bonaventure Cemetery was closed at the time due to damage to trees from the recent hurricane.  However, I do have some previous knowledge of that location and will supplement through other research.   COLONIAL PARK CEMETERY:   Savannah's oldest cemetery, established around 1750 was the burial place for the Christ Church Parish.  Although some 10,000 are interred at Colonial Park, only a few
  2. Savannah, GA- A Wealth of the Afterlife/THE SORREL-WEED HOUSE
    29 Oct, 2016
    Savannah, GA- A Wealth of the Afterlife/THE SORREL-WEED HOUSE
    Recently, I was privileged to visit Savannah, GA, one of the most haunted cities in the United States.   This trip proved to be more than I had even hoped for as a Paranormal and History Buff--The Sorrel-Weed House On one night toward the end of my five day visit, I was lucky enough to secure a place on a 12 person team investigating the Sorrel-Weed House.  This old, historic home is one of the most active paranormal sites in Savannah which is already brimming with ghostly happenings.